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How do I become an Organizer?

Fill out the above form to let us know that you’re interested. We’ll contact you to schedule a meet-and-greet, bring you some farm-fresh food compliments of Farmigo, and answer all your burning questions.

Please note: We are currently only recruiting Organizers in the San Francisco and New York areas.

What does an Organizer do?

Organizers connect their friends, family, and neighbors with delicious Real Food delivered straight from local farms. They are the backbone of the Farmigo community.

Organizers run a weekly pickup site where Farmigo community members gather to receive their food deliveries. Pickup sites can be run out of anywhere: your front yard, your child’s school, or a community center!

In order for us to launch your pickup site, you need to get a minimum of 10 people to sign up through Farmigo to receive food deliveries.

How does Farmigo help me start and manage my pickup site?

We are committed to empowering you and the success of your pickup site. You’ll have your own Farmigo coach to help you every step of the way. We will:

  • Set up a customized website for your community
  • Provide you with digital and printed marketing and promotional materials
  • Deliver all customers’ food pre-packed, so there is no mess!
  • Take customer payments online, so you don’t have to handle the money
  • Send you samples of new products (see: amazing, yummy food) to demo
  • Handle customer support
  • Let you monitor sales in real time

Basically, we do all the dirty work, leaving you to claim the title of “Community Hero.”

How will I be compensated as an Organizer?

Organizers are compensated with discounted Farmigo food and the ability to earn supplementary income. Organizers also get special invitations to celebrate and be celebrated with the Farmigo team, our producers and other Organizers.

Moreover, hosting a Farmigo pickup site is a great fundraising opportunity for schools. A portion of weekly sales goes towards a fundraiser of the school’s choice.

My area already has a Farmigo pickup site. Can I still be an Organizer?

Yes! It takes a lot of Organizers to make a difference in how people eat and live.

There isn’t a Farmigo pickup site in my city. Can I still be an Organizer?

We currently only operate in the New York and San Francisco areas; but will be expanding into other communities soon.