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How Farmigo works:

  • Your neighbors order online from local farmers, bakers, and butchers - the food is fresh, healthy, and delicious!

  • Local farmers harvest only what's ordered, so there's much less waste and they make much more money.

  • We drop off the orders at your home (or other location), and your friends & neighbors come pick them up.

My kids rave about the carrots. Carrots! I never thought I’d be breaking up fights over root vegetables.
Kelly Kelleher, Farmigo Organizer in Point Lookout, Long Island

Oh, and it's incredibly rewarding!

Here are some of the warm and fuzzy perks:

  • Amazing Food

    Fill your fridge, your household, and your neighborhood with the best food your region has to offer.

  • Do Good and Save

    30% off your orders, plus additional rewards based on total orders in your community.

  • Support for Local Farmers

    Put more money into the hands of local farmers by buying direct.

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