About us

We’re on a mission to create a food system that’s better for everyone, from farmers to eaters.

We believe that many of us are ready for an alternative way to shop, cook, and break bread with our families and friends. For us, it’s about bringing joy to those who savor their food and care where it comes from, who want it fresh from the harvest and still smelling of the earth.

It’s exactly this kind of mindful connection that’s at the heart of Farmigo – we connect farmers to neighbors, neighbors to each other, and everyone to their food. We want to make it possible for the best fruits, vegetables, meats, and handmade products from local growers and producers to be brought directly to your table.

To accomplish all of this, we couldn’t rely on the industrial food system – we had to create our own movement, founded on groups of neighbors ordering individually and picking up together, as a community. It’s made farm-to-neighborhood a viable option, where fresh food is more accessible than ever before, nothing goes to waste, and we support small farmers and foodmakers.

At Farmigo, our roots go deep; we began by giving local growers the technology they needed to create sustainable businesses through Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), which we still do for hundreds of farms across North America.

Now we’ve expanded our mission, and we’re asking you to join us.

We’re currently running operations in New York, New Jersey, Northern California, and Seattle-Tacoma, and have big plans to come to a neighborhood near you.

Farmigo is proud to be a certified Benefit Corporation (or B corporation for short), a new kind of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Learn more